Russian Mafia Boss attempting to achieve eternal existence


Karstov began his career as a 6’4" enforcer for one of the mafia Dons in Los Angeles. Unlike most other enforcers, his quick wit and charm led his through scenarios where bullets and muscle could not. This quickly garnered the attention of his superiors, who realized he was too valuable to waste as an enforcer. Karstov was promoted rapidly throught the ranks, using those same wits and charm to remove anyone who threatened him. After 3 years, he sttod at the head of his own little sector of the mafia, well-known to the dons as a man who would get the job done, no matter the difficulty. This also attracted the attention of the Giovanni Vampire Family. Karstov was offered a place in their family, and he accepted. he is now beginning a new stage of his life; a stage that he hopes will last……forever.


Hello. I am Karstov. I am Russian Mafia Boss. It takes me long time to become Russian Mafia Boss. I move many people out of my way to being Mafia Boss. I want now to stay as Mafia Boss for a very long time. So i start to find way to live long time. I hear things through contacts. Contacts tell me “Giovanni Family has very long lives”. I think it is wise to get involved with Giovanni family. So i start to do work for Giovanni. After 3 years, Giovanni invite me to party with goods i must acquire. So I acquire goods, kill cops who chase me, and show up to party. Now i am at party. If you want to know more, ask Dimitri. Dimitri is hired gun. He is driver. He is also very good shot. I think you should go ask Dimitri about me. He will show you how i answer nosy people’s questions.


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